The art of Storytelling and Storydoing | Robert Cutty
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Storytelling and Storydoing


Robert Cutty | Storytelling and Storydoing 


How to excite and involve through stories made of experiences, researches and results.


What does STORYTELLING is?

Storytelling literally means “telling a story”. It is a communication technique that uses individuals predisposition to pay attention to stories.

Nowadays, people are not selling a single product anymore. They are selling the corporate mission in order to attract people and get them closer to the brand. In doing so, the target audience will feel as part of a group, a group where to share interests and values while becoming loyal customers.


What does STORYDOING is?

Storydoing comes from story telling, even though it has a wider concept. While with the first one the corporate mission is used to impress people, the second one is about making the idea and the mission a reality.

With storytelling, the narration becomes the mean but not the final product. A storydoer company tells its story through direct actions by always implementing the corporate mission in every activity that has something to do with production, marketing and communication.

The question is how to make people live the corporate mission firsthand. The consumer experience is the key to any marketing strategy. That way consumers will feel personally involved with the brand’s values, becoming actual brand ambassadors. The target audience of each company is fundamental, along with inclusivity and brand engagement.