The art of Storytelling and Storydoing | Robert Cutty
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Storytelling and Storydoing


Robert Cutty | Storytelling and Storydoing 


How to excite and involve through stories made of experiences, researches and results .


What does STORYTELLING is?

Storytelling literally consist in the act of telling a story, both narrative and creative. This is a communication technique that uses people’s predisposition to pay attention to any kind of story.

Today, in the files of Marketing, people are not selling products anymore, but they are selling a corporate mission, in way to attract people, bringing them closer to the brand.
What happens next, is that the targets of reference start feeling as part of a group with which they are able to share interests and values, becoming loyal customers.


What does STORYDOING is?

From storytelling, another strong communication tool was born: its name is storydoing. If the first one is used to impress the audience through the story of the corporate mission, the second one is used to actually “do” the mission. This means that it is told through tangible actions, that make it even more real.


In the act of storytelling, the narration becomes the mean, but not the final product. A storydoer company tells its story though direct actions, and always puts the corporate mission in any activity that involves production, marketing and communication.
What you need to ask yourself here is not how to tell a story and your corporate mission anymore, but how to let people live it in first person. The consumer experience represents the key to any marketing tactic. The consumers, this way, feel directly involved with the brand’s values, becoming somehow the “brand’s ambassadors”.


The main targets of the brand, here, have the main focus: the words become inclusiveness and involvement. Brand engagement, so, is the key.

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