Agency Robert Cutty | Event’s communication and organization in Milan
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Robert Cutty and the love for the events


Robert Cutty is the events planning agency based in Milan. Born in 2014 from a strong entrepreneurial impulse, has like a structure the love to create important events for people.


We like to organize everything, a corporate event or a children’s party. We are crazy about we do.


Why Robert Cutty?


Our purpose is not just to organize an event. Every day we are motivated by the companie’s history that choose to cooperate with us, thinking about contributing to their growth, identity and values.

Harmony and attention of those who trust us are the basis for organizing beautiful and unforgettable things.

Summer Camp 2021
Un Campus da sogno!


Il Summer Camp di RC Kids torna anche quest’anno e in una veste tutta nuova; saranno, come sempre, settimane di giochi, creatività e grande divertimento.