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Press office Milan

logo Robert Cutty Agency_la divisione dedicata all'agenzia di comunicazione a Milano


Robert Cutty | Press Office in Milan


The goal of Robert Cutty’s press office is to put the brands of their clients in the spotlight. Nowadays, companies must have a press office, in order to to gain visibility and see their efforts paid off. Thanks to its experience, expertise and network of contacts, Robert Cutty is able to make a brand, a product or an event known and influent on social media.


The first step is to sit down with the client and listen carefully, in order to focus on the stories that will be pitched to editors through video, pictures and body copy. Robert Cutty’s press office will help your brand reach its target audience, enhancing its popularity while gaining on reputation.


With these kind of services the clients will also be able to share whichever content they’d like through mass media, social media and influencer and blogger ’s channels and pages. Last but not least, Robert Cutty will help their clients tell the story of their brand or product, gaining visibility and accessibility on mass media.