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Family day corporate and Christmas parties corporate

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A Happy Day for Kids and Employees


A corporate Family Day is always a great opportunity to show the kids where their parents work their dreams and goals.

The agency Robert Cutty is specialist in the kids field and this kind of event. The agency strives to create genuine smiles, carefree and joys days. Everything coordinated with the utmost respect in the organization and professionalism.

Buffet, shows, special decorations or a professionals research, the Robert Cutty starts from the end to rebuild with details a dream day.

This is our mission, to bridge the gap between the childhood and the place where the work is done and bring together these two elements to make an unforgettable family day.



Christmas Day: The Magic of Christmas at work. Corporate Christmas Party


Even the Corporate Christmas Party can be an excuse to strengthen the relationship between the colleagues and celebrate the magic of Christmas together with the kids.

Robert Cutty proposes a themed party, balloon art, favors and of course the marvelous Santa and Mrs. Claus presence, ready to give magic moments for kids and adults.

To organize the Corporate Christmas Party, trust the expertise of a smart team to meet all requirement, respecting also the budget.

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