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Wedding organization

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Easily plan your wedding


RC Weddings is happy to plan the most important day for all those couples willing to get married, both through religious and civil ceremony.

We also focus our attention on all of the future mother-brides out there who want to make their marriage special also for their children.

We plan all of our events paying attention to every single need of our customers, who choose us for our creativity and experience, that we have developed also in the field of children.

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Reliability and personalised solutions

With our wedding planners, colaborator and suppliers’ reliability we can find out always personalized solutions, in compliance with our client’s needs and budget. From the marriage proposal to the location and the menu, and from the wooden marriage anniversary to the diamond one, we’re at your service. Our clients’ dreams are our dreams.

For this reason RC Weddngs team we’ll accompany you trough the whole way, thinking of every single detail, for make your wedding day the best an experience to remember all life long.

Our wedding planner we’ll give you supporto for:

  • Event Project
  • Choice of wedding dress
  • Styling, make-up and hair styling
  • Location scouting
  • Banqueting, catering
  • Set-up (flowers, decorations..)
  • Wedding car scouting
  • Photos and videos organisations
  • Party favours choice

For RC Weddings every moment that precedes or follows marriage is an integral part of the event itself.

The wedding day must be taken care of and managed in all its details. For this reason we have developed some services that can also anticipate and prepare the guests for their wedding day.

The wedding proposal:

The wedding proposal:

by candlelight, or isolated in a chalet in the mountains? This is a surprise that we can help to achieve. From here the countdown to the wedding day starts, which with us can become the most unexpected and romantic possible.
The serenates:

The serenates:

as in the most ancient Italian and Mediterranean traditions, the bride is celebrated with a sung declaration. With us it can be a festive moment that can transform tradition into an innovative show.
Il bridal shower:

Il bridal shower:

it comes from the United States and the Anglo-Saxon world, and it is that moment that precedes the wedding in which relatives and friends deliver their gifts.
Celibato/nubilato's farewell:

Celibato/nubilato's farewell:

it’s a time of celebration linked to marriage, where friends of the groom and friends of the bride form an alliance to get to know each other and to celebrate the last evening as a single in the spirit of fun and goliardery.
The creative project of your wedding:

The creative project of your wedding:

we are able to propose the personalized study of the image and all the graphic elements, from mere participation to the photo book, through the menu and placeholder.
The wedding list:

The wedding list:

we can recommend a reference store, or for the more technological ones, to develop a site that gives guests information including the list of gifts chosen by the spouses.
Wedding reporter:

Wedding reporter:

he’s a professional who tells his wedding day in a book to read, keep … or to give as a favor.
Wedding tour operator:

Wedding tour operator:

from the choice to the honeymoon to the accommodation of guests coming far away, even in this case we can find the most suitable solutions.
Robert-Cutty-Weddings_entertainment for kids during weddings_RC-Weddings

Involve your children in the most exciting moment for you

RC Weddings, through the experience matured by RC Kids with children proposes itself, especially for future brides with children, to create a wedding party that is also suitable for them. To ensure that this unforgettable day is remembered for both adults and children.

Some examples of our services designed for the spouses’ children and their small friends invited:

Catering consultancy

For parents’ quiet on the children’s menu.


Playground equipment

An area equipped for your children with the possibility of having professional educators.


Design of welcome kits

For telling and showing to the little kids the importance of the moment in which they will participate.


Indoor or outdoor cinema

With programming suitable for children.


Advice for choosing favors

To replace the idea of ​​the classic wedding favor with something more original and suitable for children.


Advice for choosing favors

To replace the idea of ​​the classic wedding favor with something more original and suitable for children.

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