Balloon art for parties and events | Robert Cutty
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Balloon art for parties and events

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Balloon Art set-ups for business events and private parties


Thanks to its experience, Robert Cutty is an agency based in Milan qualified in Balloon Art decorations and set-ups, a new and creative form of art coming straight from the USA.

Give to your private or business event a colorful atmosphere through the professional balloon manipulation, that will let you decorate any kind of location, both indoor or outdoor, with amazing breathtaking compositions.

Let our professionals suggest you the best set-up for your event, among a large serie of possible solutions.


Robert Cutty only uses Qualatex balloons, the best brand on the market right now, which not only offers a great quality, but but also only produces bio degradable balloons.


Balloon Art creations can be customized in colors and shapes. Also, logos and slogans can be added to the compositions. The balloons are available in many different sizes, perfect both for big or small and complicated compositions.

Our Balloon Art will let you amaze your customers, keeping an eye on your budget.


What are you waiting for? Call us 0236572826 , send an email to or fill the form below and start dreaming about your perfect set-up with us.

Summer Camp 2021
Un Campus da sogno!


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