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Balloon Art classes in Milan


Do you want to learn the art of creating amazing Balloon Art set-ups and compositions to amaze your customers?

Enroll in our live Balloon Art classes in Milan, divided in different sessions on the base of your level.

Our certified Balloon Artist Stefano Calandra, with a decennial experience, will teach you all the secrets to learn everything about the art of balloon shaping.

His passion and his enthusiasm will you you better your skills in a very short time, letting you become a real Balloon Art professional.

Only Qualatex balloons will be used during the classes, the best brand on the market right now, which not only offers a great quality, but but also only produces bio degradable balloons.


What are you waiting for? Enrollments are still open, call us 3477129086 , send an email or fill the form below to have all the information and join our classes!


Each course costs 150 € + VAT, coffee break and lunch included in the price. In addition there is a 15% discount for a double enrollment and a 20% discount on the total for enrollment in all courses.

You can also opt for an individual class, customized according to your needs, that has a price of 450 € + VAT. You can also add additional participants for the price of 100 € + VAT each.


Date: on demand

Duration: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm


First part

• Introduction and knowledge of the types of balloons.

• Knowledge of manual accessories and electrical machines for processing types.

• Knowledge of inflation systems and technical tests.

• Nodes, practice and notions on douplette and cluster processing techniques.

• Assembly of the rod with valve and balloons tree.

• Practical use of round 5”/12” balloons with the first assemblies and decorations.


Second part

• Laws on the use of helium gas.

• Knowledge and use of hi float liquid.

• Presentation and knowledge of helium gas equipment and instruments.

• Inflation systems and technical tests.

• Assembly of a column.

• Assembly of a bow.


Date: APRIL, 27 – MONDAY 2020

Duration: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm


• Organic rules

• Organic centerpieces

• Organic arches

• Mylar alterations and compositions

• Bubbles compositions


Date: MAY, 18 – MONDAY 2020

Duration: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm


First part

• Presentation of the materials that will be used.

• Sphere in link.

• Hearts with links.

• Wall in link.


Second part

• Compositions with structure without helium.

• Creation of a themed table center.

• Distortion of the balloon.

• Debate on the problems that emerged during the course.

• Market scenario with indication of the selling prices of the compositions performed.


Date: MARCH, 25 – WEDNESDAY 2020

Duration: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm


Prima parte

• Knowledge of balloon twisting.

• Learning of the mouth and manual inflation systems.

• Education on knots, basic techniques, bubbles and twists.

• Creation of the first sculptures


Second part

• Apple plots and twists.

• Various sculptures.

• Information and large sculptures.


Date: JUNE, 8 – MONDAY 2020

Duration: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm


• Advanced twisting techniques

• Big sculptures of different dimensions

• Twisting techniques applied to decorations made out with round balloons

• Balloon distortion

• Advanced practical exercises with different types of compositions


Date: on demand

Duration: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm


First part

• Shapes and materials for ceremonies.

• Arch for ceremonies.

• Themed centerpiece.

• Baby.

• Mini spouses.


Second part

• Network assembly and helium gas release.

• Radio controlled release or fall.

• Metallic heart structure.

• Decorations for entrances and large areas.

• Debate on the problems that emerged during the course.

• Market scenario with indication of the selling prices of the compositions performed.


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